Roofing Tips For Your Leaky Roof

Posted by on Jul 8, 2016 in Roofing Tips

If you would like to save some money while fixing your leaking roof, then you may want to do the repairs yourself.  This can be done if you are fairly handy, especially if it is just a small job that needs to be done and there is not more than a 6 inch slope to your roof.

Roofing Tips For Fixing Your Roof

One of the first roofing tips that you should know about is going into your attic with a flashlight to look for watermarks.  These will show you where your roof needs to be repaired.  Another of the important roofing tips is that the areas that need to be repaired will be two to three feet ABOVE the watermark. This is because water travels downwards.  Important roofing tips will also tell you that if there is damage to the wood that covers your roof and where the shingles are nailed on top of, then you should have a professional roofing company do this work for you.


Roofing Tips About Materials

Of course, no good roofing tips will stop before sharing with you what materials you will need to have in to be able to fix your own roof.  First of all, you will need to find some shingles that actually match the ones that are currently on the rest of your roof.  In order to figure out just how many shingles you are going to need you will have to multiply the length of the area that needs the shingles by the width of this area.  You should then divide this by 100.  This will give you the number of roofing squares that you need in order to do the repair work.  A roofing square is actually equal to 3 bundles of shingles.  In other words, 1 bundle of shingles will only cover about 33.3 square feet of your roof.

Before going to the store, you should make sure that the tar paper, or roofing felt, is not damaged.  This is actually really easy to fix if you get the correct materials, which is something that your local hardware store can help you with.


With these roofing tips, you will be able to fix a minor roofing problem and replace damaged shingles.  However, if your roof has any major damage, you will need to call a professional roofer to do the work for you.  Otherwise, these roofing tips will help you to save you money by repairing your own roof.

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